The following is a list of presentations I gave at various occasions. There are a lot more, but not all of them, e.g. customer presentations, can be disclosed.

MassarThe Social Networks of the Security CommunityBSides Zurich 2017Open SystemsZurichSwitzerland2017-09-23
SixXSSunsetting SixXSSixXSZurichSwitzerland2017-06-06  
FarsightThe DNS ToolkitSwiNOG 30GurtenparkBernSwitzerland2016-11-04
TridentTrident - Sharing is Scaring the Bad GuysISOI XV (Internet Security Operations & Intelligence)The Spencer HotelDublinIreland2015-10-08  
TridentTrident - Toothed and ProngedCybersecurity Coordination and Cooperation Colloquium (f41lf3st 2015)Tallinna TehnikaulikoolTalinnEstonia2015-06-18  
FarsightTapping into a Vat of DNSCybersecurity Coordination and Cooperation Colloquium (f41lf3st 2015)Tallinna TehnikaulikoolTalinnEstonia2015-06-17  
FarsightJumpBox – A Seamless Browser Proxy for Tor Pluggable TransportsSECURECOMM 2014Beijing Yulong International Hotel, Beijing, ChinaBeijingChina2014-09-26  
FarsightA watchful eye on DNSENOG-7Moscow Marriott Grand HotelMoscowRussia2014-05-27
SixXSAn I.P.V. SixXS OverviewIPv6 Kongress 2014Cinestar MetropolisFrankfurtGermany2014-05-23  
Farsightdnstap: High Speed DNS Logging Without Packet CaptureFIRST Technical ColloquiumCiscoAmsterdamNetherlands2014-04-08  
FarsightBeyond Zone File Access: Discovering Novel Domain Names Using Passive DNSFIRST Technical ColloquiumCiscoAmsterdamNetherlands2014-04-07  
Farsightdnstap: High Speed DNS Logging Without Packet CaptureAPWG eCR Syncup 2014NATO SCHOOL OberammergauOberammergauGermany2014-04-03  
MassarIP Version 6 - IP Next GenerationETH Communication Networks ClassETH ZurichZürichSwitzerland2012-04-30
MassarThings to think aboutRIPE IRR TrainingMariott Downtown ZurichZurichSwitzerland2011-02-04  
IBMUsing Flow For Other Things Than Network DataFloCon 2011Mariott Downtown Salt Lake CitySalt Lake CityUtah, United States2011-01-13  
IBMHow the Internet sees you27th Chaos Communication CongressBerliner Congress CenterBerlinGermany2010-12-30
IBMSecurity - DDOS Mitigation - AntiSpamSwiNOG 21GurtenparkBernSwitzerland2010-11-11  
IBMIP Version 6ETH Communication Networks ClassETH ZurichZürichSwitzerland2010-05-10
SixXSSixXS - Trying to Get IPv6 to the UserNANOG48Hilton AustinAustinTexas, United States2010-02-22
IBMAURORANANOG48Hilton AustinAustinTexas, United States2010-02-22
IBMSimply Top TalkersFloCon 2010Royal Sonesta HotelNew OrleansLouisiana, United States2010-01-13  
IBMApplications of IPv62nd German IPv6 SummitHasso-Plattner-InstitutPotsdamGermany2009-05-15
IBMIP Version 6 and the Next Generation of the Internet ProtocolsETH Communication Networks ClassETH ZurichZürichSwitzerland2009-05-11
IBMIPv6 Yesterday, Today and in the coming yearsNetArch 2009Centro Stefano Franscini (ETHZ)AsconaSwitzerland2009-03-18  
SixXSSixXS - A meetingplace for tunnelsInternetdagarnaFolkets HusStockholmSweden2008-10-21  
SixXSIPv6 - real life operations and experience with customersDNSSEC and IPv6 workshop at InternetdagarnaNorra LatinStockholmSweden2008-10-20
IBMAURORA - Visualizing your networkSwiNOG 15Altes TramDepotBernSwitzerland2007-12-04  
MassarDTN: Upgrading Martian Carrier PigeonsChaos Communications Camp 2007Luftfahrtmuseum FinowfurtFinowfurtGermany2007-08-10  
SixXSInside SixXS - A Virtual ISP HowtoSAGE-IE, TCD NetsocTrinity College DublinDublinIreland2006-12-12  
SixXSPanel: Will managing an IPv6 network be more cost effective than managing an IPv4 network?2nd International Week on Management of Networks and Services Autonomic Component and System Management (MANWEEK 2006)The Herbert Park HotelDublinIreland2006-10-23  
SixXSDeploying IPv6SwiNOG 11Altes TramDepotBernSwitzerland2005-10-20  
SixXSIPv6 Golden NetworksRIPE47Grand Hotel KrasnapolskyAmsterdamNetherlands2004-01-27  
SixXSIPv6 IntroductionHRO SOTAHogeschool RotterdamRotterdamNetherlands2003-11-14  
SixXSIPv6 Routing Table AnomaliesRIPE46Grand Hotel KrasnapolskyAmsterdamNetherlands2003-09-03
SixXSGhost Route HunterRIPE44Grand Hotel KrasnapolskyAmsterdamNetherlands2003-01-29